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Only 30 days left to get ready for Summer!

Beach-body ready in 30 days or less! Choose from 5 amazing weight-loss programmes at exceptional prices.

Day&Night Slimming [10-Day Bundle]


Day&Night Slimming [10-Day Bundle]

The perfect bundle for 24/7 fat burning, starting with your morning cup of coffee and ending with an evening drink that will help you fight night-time hunger pangs.



Curb Hunger [20-day bundle]


Curb Hunger [20-day bundle]

No more hunger pangs! This incredible duo helps reduce calorie intake and flushes out excess water.



Flat Tummy [30-Day Bundle]


Flat Tummy [30-Day Bundle]

This bundle helps fight stubborn stomach fat and converts fat reserves into energy. It helps flush out excess water and prevents new fat reserves from forming.