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How environmental and other toxins are making us fat and how apple cider can help

The importance of cleansing (detox) has never been this clear. Scientists are getting concerned.

Recentlya study from the University of Colorado Boulder was published in the journal Environment International and it had a very important message:

"Breathing dirty air takes a heavy toll on gut bacteria, boosting risk of obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and other chronic illnesses […].” 

Research has shown that our gut flora is associated with “increased systemic levels of inflammation and alterations to adipose tissue metabolism. So, bluntly speakingthe more toxins there are in the air, the bigger our waist is and the harder it is to lose weight.

Toxins are the reason why our body holds onto fat even if we want to lose weight 

All toxins – including pollutants – that we can’t eliminate, are stored in fatThe more toxins we’re hiding in there, the riskier it may be to lose weight.

During weight loss, fat breaks down and toxins are released into the bloodstream. If that release is too drastic, it can lead to poor health.

Even if we might not like it, protecting those fat reserves is what our body does to protect us. Weight loss is the last thing it wants to do – that’s why any weight-loss efforts might be pointless. 

A cleanse does what you AND your body want 

Cleanses are designed to eliminate what the body does not need or can’t use.  

A low-calorie, antioxidant-rich diet is a bullet-proof weight-loss tactic and it’s proven to support our own body’s response to toxins during weight loss.  

However, it’s very important that those toxins leave our body as soon as possible. 

To get this done the right way, our digestion must be on point. 

2 reasons for a cleanse (before and during weight loss) 

 Being overburdened by toxins might be one of the reasons behind weight gain.

Treating the cause of the problem is the best and the smartest solution. 

A good cleanse supports healthy weight loss in 2 ways: 

  • Kickstarting weight loss by removing toxins out of the body.
  • Supporting fast elimination of the bad stuff and with that protecting long-term health and preventing the yo-yo effect.
CiderCleanse EXTREME

Powerful cleansing & slimming capsules with one of the highest apple cider vinegar contents on the market

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Apple cider  the ultimate metabolism booster 

Drinking apple cider vinegar daily (AKA doing an apple cider vinegar cleanse) has been ranking among top weight-loss and wellbeing trends for years now. 

And with good reason…  

  • The most obvious power of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is its acidity. People with low stomach acid may benefit from ACV as it aids digestion. People report less bloating and gassiness when taking it.
  • ACV is also a probiotic. Raw apple cider vinegar with “the mother” (a combination of yeast and bacteria formed during fermentation) contains natural gut-friendly bacteria. Balancing our microbiota is extremely important for healthy weight loss. 
  • There still needs to be more research done to understand all the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but people consuming it for a while often report fewer food cravings.

So, should you drink up? 

Not exactly. Drinking apple cider vinegar has its downsides too. 

Drinking vinegar can ruin your teeth as it weakens enamel. Its strong taste is also something people may find difficult to deal with

There is a better way!  

CiderCleanse is a powerful cleansing & slimming product in the form of capsules with one of the highest apple cider vinegar contents on the market (1,200 mg per just 2 daily capsules)! 

They have no after-taste, they’re easy to swallow and they won’t ruin your teeth. 

They’re enriched with gingerturmeric, chromium and black pepper for even stronger support: 

  • help eliminate fat from the liver, remove toxins from the gut & promote excess weight reduction 
  • balance blood sugar levels to prevent fat storage and promote fat loss, especially in the waist area 
  • have anti-inflammatory properties and support the immune system

CiderCleanse EXTREME

Powerful cleansing & slimming capsules with one of the highest apple cider vinegar contents on the market

CiderCleanse EXTREME -40%

Regular price: £19.99

Your price: £11.90

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