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Harri got back on track

Sometimes, doing something you really want to do is the hardest thing. Harri from Finland still remembers how he lost his way... And how hard it was to get back on track again.

“When I was younger, I was fairly skinny,” says Harri, who even did some modelling back in his 20’s. [But] when I reached middle age, I gained some weight but I could still keep it under control.” 

He developed a love for regular exercise and was his ideal body weight. 3 years ago it all changed...

About 3 years ago I was my ideal weight. 2 years ago, my mother died suddenly of cancer and I lost my desire to take care of my body and stopped caring about how I looked.”  

Luckily, Harri eventually regained control and started working out regularly again. 

Because Harri has always had broader shoulders and was able to develop muscles fairly quickly, focusing on muscle was a great strategy. His body type is prone to storing excess fat in the abdomen area and Harri quickly realised he needed some help with that...

Adiposlim Extreme is a unique thermo fat burner that targets stomach fat and can reduce waist circumference by up to 50%This was exactly the help Harri was looking for. 


Unique fat burner that targets stomach fat!

AdipoSlim EXTREME -33%

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“I’ve been using Adiposlim Extreme for a little over 2 months now. And since then I’ve also tried FatBurn Extreme, AquaSlim Extreme, Night Burn Extreme, L-Carnitine 1000 Pure, FatEliminator Extreme,  L-Carnitine Pure 500 and Hunger Block Extreme.” 

The products are easy to use and full of natural ingredients. This was very important to me,” he explains what he likes about SlimJOY most.

Because many of SlimJOY supplements are in the form of liquids, and because the majority of them can be used concurrently, covering the various aspects of the weight-loss process is easy and convenient!

Digestion and water elimination boost: 

AquaSlim Extreme helped keep his digestion in top shape and helped eliminate excess water for faster weight loss. 

Fat loss boost: 

Combining FatBurn Extreme and NightBurn Extreme enabled him to burn more body fat 24/7 and meant his workout had a bigger impact.

Curbing appetite and increasing calorie deficit:

L-Carnitine Pure 1000 helped raise his energy levels for maximum results. FatEliminator Extreme and HungerBlock Extreme helped him manage his portions better and meant he could make smart food choices.

HungerBlock EXTREME

Revolutionary all-natural appetite suppressant that curbs cravings, reduces calorie intake and boosts fat loss while keeping energy levels up!

HungerBlock EXTREME -45%

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I’ve lost 5 pounds already but since I started regaining musclethe scale stopped at – 3kg. My weight always fluctuates.”  

But the numbers on the scale are not that important to Harri. He is trying to build lean muscle mass and these products are helping him achieve the desired results.

My digestion is great now and I feel like I'm gaining muscle faster than in the past. I still need to lose some weight around the waist, but I know I can get there, he recaps the benefits he’s been noticing in the past couple of months. 

I still remember the past and how good it felt to be in shape. generally felt better and more confident. I want to feel that way again. And your products are helping me reach my goals!”  

SlimJOY Starter Bundle

A well-rounded one-month bundle that will make weight loss more efficient and help prevent the yo-yo effect!

SlimJOY Starter Bundle -62%

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