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Sleep & Slim TEA

20 teabags | Receive a 20-day supply

An evening tea blend that will put a stop to cravings, help let go of stress and improve sleep!

A night-time tea that helps shed kilos with powerful natural ingredients.

Slim & Slim will help you achieve your weight loss goals by:

  • Naturally boosting digestion

  • Effectively cleansing the body of toxins

  • Reducing bloating and swelling

  • Aiding sound sleep necessary during the slimming process

Contents: 1x Sleep & Slim TEA 20 teabags/20 days

Sufficient for 20 days

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Purifying tea for detox

More than your average tea

Slim & Slim TEA will help you achieve your weight-loss goals

It is perfect for you if you: 

  • feel bloated or swollen 

  • can't lose weight no matter how hard you try

  • have late-night cravings

  • feel stressed and can't sleep

  • don't like taking pills and you are a tea lover

A night-time tea that helps you shed pounds with powerful ingredients.

Sleep & Slim is an evening tea and a wonderful ally on your weight-loss journey.

Slimming support

A warm cup of tea allows you to keep evening cravings at bay - a common struggle for those on a diet.


This gentle herbal blend supports your digestion and intestinal health.

Relaxing natural blend

It will make falling and staying asleep so much easier, thanks to carefully selected calming herbs.

Don't like pills and mixing powders?

How does Sleep & Slim Tea work:

Naturally boosts digestion

Helps you get sound sleep necessary for weight loss

Relaxes and soothes

More than your average tea

Sleep & Slim TEA helps you achieve your goals

Sleep & Slim TEA is a potent combination of herbs that will support you on your weight-loss journey.

  • Sleep & Slim Tea is a relaxing blend

  • The finest natural ingredients combined with research, produce top-quality teas with slimming benefits and a delicious taste.

  • Because of its 100% plant-based composition, it lets the body find balance and optimise its functions completely naturally.

Sleep & Slim TEA – relaxing night-time tea!

Sleep & Slim is an evening tea and a wonderful ally on your weight-loss journey.

  • Having a cup of warm tea will make it easier to say goodbye to evening cravings - a common struggle for those on a diet.

  • It will help you let go of the stress of the day and properly relax thanks to naturally soothing ingredients.

  • It will ensure sound and regenerative sleep, which is essential during the weight-loss process and can be the make or break of your progress.

The night tea that helps you to shed pounds with powerful natural ingredients.

Active ingredients

Sleep&Slim Tea
Packaging (1 unit)20 teabags
Daily dose1 teabag
Net weight (1 unit)27.3 g

Ingredientsin 1 teabag
Orange peel 30%
Lemongrass 20%
Peppermint leaves 25%
Lemon balm 20%
Hop cones 5%

How to use

The recommended daily intake is 1 teabag.

1 teabag

Once per day


Orange peels (30%), peppermint leaves (25%), lemongrass (20%), lemon balm leaves (20%), hop cones (5%).


Never use boiling water for SlimJOY tea! Pour fresh hot water (70-80°C) over the teabag and steep for 5 minutes. We recommend using one teabag for each cup.


Store in a dry place at room temperature.