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SlimJOY Starter Bundle + FREE Bottle

Receive a 30-day supply

A well-rounded one-month bundle that will make weight loss more efficient and help prevent the yo-yo effect!

This bundle contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

This combination of our best-selling weight-loss products will make sure you stay focused and reach your goals.

  • Helps burn 24% more fat*
  • Reduces waist circumference by 7.5 cm and hips by 6 cm
  • Effectively detoxes and eliminates a third of excess water from the body
  • Prevents the body from storing fat
  • Decreases evening hunger

Since some SlimJOY products are undergoing a re-design, some packaging you receive may differ from the packaging visible in the product pictures on our website. It is, however, still the same product.

Contents: 1x SlimJOY Starter Bundle + FREE Bottle 65 units/30 days

Sufficient for 30 days

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Goodbye, kilos!

You will definitely love it if:

  • you often feel bloated

  • you can't resist sweets and unhealthy foods

  • your face tends to swell

  • you have difficulty losing weight

Why not make weight loss easier?

4 products - 30 days

Optimal combination for amazing benefits

Increase fat burning

When you exercise, your body burns more fat.

Increase your metabolism

It gently cleanses the body, helps to reduce water weight, helps reduce cellulite and can help regenerate the lymphatic system.

Reduce evening hunger

It is designed to reduce hunger and may help increase your metabolism at night.

Speed up your weight loss

Help reduce belly fat and can increase calorie burning by stimulating brown body fat.

This packet contains everything you need to lose weight!

Our 4 best sellers + 2 amazing gifts

The perfect 4-1 mix

Do you need quick results?

Reduce excess water


Reduce the waist size

Reduce cellulite

Reduce evening hunger

Burn more fat

Help you sleep better

AquaSlim Extreme

A strong thermogenic fat burner for a fit, firm body!


  • burn more fat for a few hours while keeping your muscles intact
  • reduces fatigue while increasing performance
  • supports regeneration, helping to maintain regular physical activity
  • with papaya extract to make protein more available for muscle growth and repair
  • with vitamin B3, which turns food into energy instead of fat

It also works while resting!

AquaSlim EXTREME ingredients

NightBurn Extreme

Fat burner that brings faster weight-loss results during your night-time rest!

NightBurn will:

  • help suppress late-night cravings

  • aid evening digestion

  • help block fat storage

  • support your biggest fat burning organ – the liver

  • help you sleep better

It contains no stimulants to disturb your sleep!

NightBurn EXTREME ingredients

AdipoBurn Extreme

Unique fat burner that targets stomach fat!  

Getting that flat belly is now easy thanks to the formula's 2-in-1 action: 

  • boosting fat burning and preventing fat cell growth. 

  • lose up to 50% of belly fat 

  • speed up your fat-burning by 33%! 

  • reduce belly fat, waist size and hip size

  • stimulate brown fat tissue

AdipoBurn EXTREME ingredients

FatBurn Extreme

Fat burner with powerful thermogenic effects for a fit, toned body!


  • burn more fat for several hours while keeping your muscles intact

  • reduces tiredness for enhanced performance 

  • supports recovery to help sustain regular physical activity

  • with papaya extract to make protein more available for muscle growth&repair

  • with vitamin B3 to turn food into energy instead of fat

Also works during rest!

FatBurn EXTREME ingredients

Slimjoy Bottle

In this elegant bottle, every sip will be better than ever!

Your favorite SlimJOY beverage or tea now in a  new sleek bottle

  • The tea keeps  warm for up to 8 hours

  • It keeps drinks  cold for up to 24 hours

  • Stainless steel bottle

  • With double wall

  • Volume:  500 ml

  • 100% waterproof

*Hand-wash only, not dishwasher-safe.

Look better, feel better!

Incorporate healthy habits into your life

"I was no longer hungry when watching the telly at night"

NightBurn helped her beat the hidden enemy that only comes out when we least expect it - evening hunger. "At the beginning, I was worried I'd be hungry, especially in the evening. Whilst watching TV in the evening, I usually became hungry quite fast. But with NightBurn, the complete opposite happened - I felt no hunger in the evening at all!" says Tammy.

"Success with a capital S!”

When Leo started his SlimJOY experience, he lost several pounds in the first few weeks. This really motivated him to continue on his weight-loss journey. AdipoBurn EXTREME capsules played a key role in this success. They can help reduce stomach fat and help prevent new fats from forming. “I’ve run out of belt holes! That’s success with a capital S”, 67-year old Leo gushes.

How to use:


10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

Before sleep

AdipoBurn EXTREME [1-Month Supply]

30 capsules | Receive a 30-day supply

1 capsule

After a meal


10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning


10 sachets | Receive a 15-day supply

1 sachet

After a meal