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Cooperation Agreement

Basic information about the service:

  • The satisfied user will exclusively promote the brand programme and products
  • The satisfied user will be featured on the brand's website
  • The satisfied user will support the brand and promote related products and projects

All photos, videos, interviews, texts... created in relation to the brand’s products are property of the company Sensilab d. o. o. and can be used anywhere, at any time, for promotional purposes (printed promotional materials, printed advertisments, radio advertisements, TV advertisements, on own web channels, for digital advertising purposes and for other promotional purposes). In this respect, the satisfied user transfers onto the contract giver all his/her material copyrights in the widest extent and unlimited duration, for the whole world. The satisfied user’s materials can appear in all promotional materials related to the brand. The satisfied user consents to their name and/or social media handle being mentioned, tagged or advertised in relation to the brand for promotional purposes.

The contact giver commits to provide to the satisfied user:

  • A reward in the form of that brand's products