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SlimJoy Fit Programme

Quick and easy exercises featuring the SlimJOY Fit Band for a perfectly toned body in no time!

My name is Kristina Drole and I have a Master's degree in kinesiology. I'm here to help you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Position yourself and hold poses correctly and adjust the tempo and amount of repetitions to your abilities.

Activate your core in order to maintain balance and protect your back.

After every 20 seconds of exercising, take a 10-second break.

Once you complete a cycle of exercises, repeat them once or twice.

EXERCISE NO.1: Alternating Chair Step-Ups



EXERCISE NO.4: Squat Jumps

EXERCISE NO.5: Hip Lifts


EXERCISE NO.7: Quadruped Leg Raises

EXERCISE NO.8: Side Steps

ALL IN [60 Days: Intense]


ALL IN [60 Days: Intense]

Our best-seller: an intensive 2-month programme that will help make a dream figure a reality. Everyone will want to know what the secret is!



Devoted [30 Days: Strong]


Devoted [30 Days: Strong]

A well-rounded one-month bundle that will make weight loss more efficient and help prevent the yo-yo effect!



SlimJOY Fit Band – fabric resistance band


SlimJOY Fit Band – fabric resistance band

High-quality fabric resistance band that won’t slip or roll!