Alexandru went from 78 kg to 74 kg in 4 weeks!*

Alexandru, despite being passionate about team sports and going to the gym daily, needs to be mindful of his diet; he can lose weight pretty quickly, but without a balanced meal plan, fat accumulates beyond the limits Alexandru is comfortable with. 

Skin care & weight loss with just one product

As we get older, certain things in our body change, sometimes without us even realising. Our metabolism slows down and kilos can accumulate gradually, without us even realising. Losing weight becomes much harder.

Petra: "In just one month, I reached my goals!"

You know how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly? Petra says this was her experience with SlimJOY products - and the transformation occurred on the outside AND inside. This is her story.

Why you need to kick your sugar habit ASAP

It’s a fact: we consume too much sugar. Aiming to reduce our intake should be a priority. Why? Because excess sugar has a serious negative impact on our wellbeing. It poses one of the greatest threats to our health, from obesity to cardiovascular diseases

“My favourite skirt became too loose after 3 weeks!”

Who would have thought that even the best chefs crave junk food! This is what caused Alma to gain weight she couldn't lose - until she found the solu …

What's the fastest way to lose 10 pounds?

We don’t have a magic wand … but you do. The secret to efficient weight loss lies in your body’s systems working to their top poten …

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